Our Product Range

At Brineflow, we have a comprehensive understanding of market requirements with a complete range of fluid fertilisers for the widest variety of crops.

The agronomic benefits of liquid nitrogen are becoming more widely understood and rated.  Quickly absorbed by the plant, the nitrogen allows crops to get a head start in cooler or adverse ground conditions so they reach their full potential.  Being able to work reliably at wider bout with fewer tramlines widths makes better use of land and this year we have particularly noticed that growers using liquids have valued significantly less waste generated on their farms responding to consumer concerns about single-use plastic waste, which has dominated the media and ultimate purchasers of farm-gate products.

Our Nitrasol delivery label

Nearly two thirds of Nitrasol production is shipped with Sulphur included whilst straight liquid nitrogen is supplied in a variety of concentration from 18pc to 30pc depending on customer requirements and nitrogen source.

Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers

  • Nitrasol N30 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N28 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol UreicN18 wt/wt

Nitrogen & Sulphur Liquid Fertilisers

  • Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers
  • Nitrassol N30 + 10 SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N27 + 5SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N25 + 7SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N25 + 14SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N12 + 15 SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol UreicN18 + 15SO3 wt/wt

You can download our Fertiliser Application Ready Reckoner here

The Nitrasol AdvaNShield Protected Fertilisers

Make your investment in nitrogen work harder with our new range of nitrogen-stabilised liquid fertilisers that more effectively convert nutrients into crop yield with less leaching and significantly reduced losses of ammonia to the atmosphere.

Utilising proven and UK trialled Nutrisphere technology from partners Verdesian Life Sciences, NitraSol AdvaNShield keeps your nitrogen and your yields where they belong by reducing the three ways nitrogen can be lost to the environment.

Trial work conducted by an independent organisation in Norfolk showed significant advantages over untreated liquid fertiliser including increased grain yield and straw yield, increases in total N uptake by crop and an overall significant reduction in nitrate levels recovered from field drains over a 6 month period.

Foliar Fluid Fertilisers