Nitrasol – Liquid Fertiliser

AdvaNShield NBPT provides protection to the active urease inhibitor ingredient NBPT.

The solution is virgin plant based, unlike other Solvent based NBPT Products. Available in 10l easy to use canisters.

The AdvaNShield Inhibited range addresses the need for nitrogen to remain available to crops longer and reduces  ammonia emissions. 

DEFRA’s option 4 standard, effective from  1st April 2024, mandates using inhibited urea-based fertilisers outside the 15th January – 31st March window, unless advised otherwise. 

advanshield product
advanshield product

The Future of Safe and Efficient Farm Fertilisation

AdvaNShield NBPT, a cutting-edge fertiliser enhancement solution, is designed for seamless integration on the farm. It can be directly added into the sprayer along with untreated UAN liquid fertiliser, offering a hassle-free application process. This innovative product boasts a 25% NBPT formulation that is uniquely solvent-free and water-based, ensuring it is non-toxic and has a neutral pH level.

Liquid Fertiliser Grade Per 1 tonne
N30 0.7L
30+10So3 0.7L
N28 0.7L
27+5So3 0.6L
25+7So3 0.6L
24+8So3 0.5L
22+12So3 0.5L
15+15so3 0.3L
advanshield product

Enhancing Fertiliser Efficiency with Safety and Sustainability

Its composition not only makes it easy to measure and apply but also safe to handle, being free from the hazardous NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone). AdvaNShield NBPT is highly effective in reducing nitrogen loss by more than 50%, making it an environmentally friendly option for fertiliser management.

Additionally, once mixed, it can remain stable for up to 48 hours, providing flexibility in use. Available in convenient 10L cans or larger 1000L IBCs, AdvaNShield NBPT offers a practical solution for enhancing fertiliser efficiency while prioritising safety and ease of use.

advanshield product
windrower harvest

Joe Greenfield - Arable Farm Manager
University Of Nottingham Farms

“I’ve been very impressed by both the quality of service and the products themselves. I’m very happy with my decision to use Brineflow liquid products to complement solid and organic fertilisers on this farm. I can now cover all bases in terms of logistics, product choice and risk management. Well done to Rob, Sarah and the team.”

If you want to learn more about our Protected Nitrogen and Ammonia Inhibited fertilisers and the way in which they can boost yields, improve your nitrogen use efficiency and keep on the right side of regulatory changes, please contact one of our FACTS-qualified advisors.