Nitrasol Fluid Fertilisers for Farmers and Growers

Nitrasol liquid fertilisers are exclusively manufactured by Brineflow Limited of Great Yarmouth.  We have over three decades of continuous experience in the manufacture, importing and distribution of liquid fertilisers.

We distribute throughout Eastern England and beyond from a brand new £5m shoreside liquid fertiliser shipping terminal in Great Yarmouth which represents a significant infrastructure investment that will benefit farmers and growers throughout the Eastern Region.

Over twenty thousand tonnes of tank-based storage are complemented by a dedicated pipeline directly to the quayside that allows fast replenishment by ship tanker throughout the season from strategic global supply partners located in low-cost nitrogen production areas in Europe and beyond.

We work with carefully selected distribution partners, merchants and agents to offer farmers and growers a full range of fluid fertilisers that precisely meet crop needs. We look to develop long-term partnerships based on honesty and integrity with the flexibility and innovation to meet customer requirements

Our core liquid fertiliser distribution area

A Comprehensive Product Range

We offer you a full range of liquid fertilisers with or without sulphur that precisely meet crop needs. Click here for more. Our range of specialist products includes products for Nitrogen stabilisation and micronutrients including Boron, Manganese and Magnesium.

Industry-leading Environmental Excellence

The Nitrasol Total Atmospheric Containment System.

Nitrasol is the only fertiliser product range in UK agriculture that exclusively features total atmospheric containment from factory to field.

The combination of supply from ship-tankers direct into dockside enclosed tank storage, liquid-in-liquid processing of raw materials into final products and loading using dry-fit couplings into roadtankers for delivery to farm means that gaseous losses of ammonia to the air are eliminated until the point of application to your crops.

With no lagoons, no double handling, only the use of Nitrasol liquid fertilisers will help demonstrate your committment to promoting air quality and reduction in ammonia emmisions in the Nitrasol Total Asmospheric Containment System.

Rainwater Recovery

We recover and reuse all rainwater that falls within our environmentally bunded facility to minimise the use of resources during manufacture.

No Plastic

This year, in particular, we have noticed that growers using Nitrasol liquids value the fact there is  significantly less waste generated on their farms responding to concerns about the single-use packaging plastic waste associated with bagged fertiliser.

Industry-leading Compliance

Our liquid terminal is designed to latest Eurocodes standard – the hardest test and our business processes are FACTS and FIAS compliant guaranteeing product assurance. We are members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation.

Contact Us

As you think about new season liquid nitrogen supplies or tanks, make sure you ask your agricultural merchant, group or agent to consider NitraSol liquid nitrogen and foliar fertilisers from Brineflow of Great Yarmouth.

To enquire how we might help you with your fluid and foliar fertiliser needs or phone 01493 809828 or email for more information.