We are Nitrasol

Distributing Nitrasol liquid fertilisers nationally from a brand new shoreside liquid fertiliser shipping terminal in Great Yarmouth to benefit farmers and growers throughout the UK.


Quality & Service

At Brineflow, we have a comprehensive understanding of market requirements with a complete range of liquid fertilisers for the widest variety of crops.

Our team of professional sales, production and distribution specialists are customer focused and able to securely source raw materials from some of the lowest cost producers, import, formulate and deliver the widest range of liquid fertilisers to you in the most environmentally-benign and compliant manner.

Over twenty-five thousand tonnes of tank-based storage are complemented by a dedicated pipeline directly to the quayside with fast replenishment by ship tanker throughout the season from strategic supply partners globally.

Coming Soon

A new fertiliser terminal, currently under construction in the Port of Sunderland, to serve farmers and growers from the North of England to Scotland

A Comprehensive Range

We offer a full range of liquid fertilisers with or without sulphur that precisely meet crop needs.

A Comprehensive Range

Our new Nitrasol AdvaNShield range makes your investment in nitrogen work harder with a comprehensive range of nitrogen-stabilised liquid fertilisers that more effectively convert nutrients into crop yield with less leaching and significantly reduced losses of ammonia to the atmosphere.
Our product range includes a number foliar micronutrients including Boron, Manganese and Magnesium.

The Right Team

We have the right team with decades of on-farm & production expertise with friendly customer service and a focus on trouble-free fertilisation right up to the nozzle.

Ian Ferris

Ian Ferris

Commercial Director
07557 200800
Rob Buck

Rob Buck

Sales Manager
07775 300400
Manufacturing Team

Manufacturing Team

01493 809821


With no lagoons and no double handling, only the use of Nitrasol liquid fertilisers will help demonstrate your commitment to promoting air quality and the reduction in ammonia emissions in the Nitrasol Total Atmospheric Containment System.

Plastic Free

Our liquid fertiliser system is single-use plastic-free from factory to field minimising waste and helping you to do your bit for the environment

Eurocodes Standard

Our liquid terminal is designed to latest Eurocodes standard - the hardest environmental test guaranteeing environmental containment and assurance.

Rainwater Recycling

We recover and reuse all rainwater that falls within our environmentally bunded facility to minimise the use of resources during manufacture.

Atmospheric Containment

Nitrasol is the only fertiliser product range in UK agriculture that exclusively features total atmospheric containment from factory to field.


Our FACTS Qualified Advisers help to maintain a standard of excellence in farm management and advice.


We are proud members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the trade body for responsible fertiliser manufacturers.


Our products and procedures meet and exceed FIAS Standards for fertiliser quality, safety and security