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Liquid Fertiliser – Grow a greener future with Nitrasol

Nitrasol clear liquid fertilisers from Brineflow combine innovative fertiliser products with the lowest environmental impact to make your farm more efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable. 

The Nitrasol system marries the UK’s most modern and environmentally compliant terminals with strategic supply from some of the world’s lowest cost producers.  We bring you a complete range of clear liquid fertilisers from two East Coast locations with the capacity and capability to deliver when you need us the most.

Our system supports your farm to become more efficient, productive and sustainable whilst guiding your path towards NetZero.

Our terminals use streamlined engineered processes and contained vessels that eliminate waste and contamination. From factory-to-field, our fertilisers demonstrate about a fifth fewer total emissions and about half the energy-consuming steps when compared with the most commonly used nitrogen products used in the UK.

Whether you are new to liquid fertilisers or not, our team of local professionals can supply to your existing tanks or ease your conversion with a comprehensive bespoke conversion package to help you start to enjoy the benefits of the Nitrasol system.