NitraSol is the liquid fertiliser brand of Brineflow of Great Yarmouth.

We have manufactured and handled liquid fertilisers for household-name fertiliser companies for over thirty years.  Recent changes in the fertiliser market means that we are now able supply in our own right.

We work with carefully selected distribution partners, merchants and agents to offer farmers and growers a full range of fluid fertilisers that precisely meet crop needs.

We distribute throughout Eastern England from dedicated dockside tanks at Great Yarmouth and inland storage facilities at Seething near Norwich. Our team has over three decades of continuous experience in the manufacture  and importing of liquid fertilisers.

FACTS and FIAS compliant, we work to create long-term relationships to offer you a full range of liquid fertilisers with or without sulphur that precisely meet crop needs.

As you think about new season liquid nitrogen supplies or tanks, make sure you ask your agricultural merchant, group or agent to consider NitraSol liquid nitrogen and foliar fertilisers from Brineflow of Great Yarmouth.

To enquire how we might help you with your fluid and foliar fertiliser needs or phone 01493 809828 or email sales@nitrasol.co.uk for more information.

Our Product Range

At Brineflow, we have a comprehensive understanding of market requirements with a complete range of fluid fertilisers for the widest variety of crops

Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers

  • NitraSol N30 wt/wt
  • NitraSol N28 wt/wt
  • NitraSol UreicN18 wt/wt

Nitrogen & Sulphur Liquid Fertilisers

  • Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers
  • NitraSol N30 + 6 SO3 wt/wt
  • NitraSol N27 + 5SO3 wt/wt
  • NitraSol N25 + 7SO3 wt/wt
  • NitraSol N25 + 14SO3 wt/wt
  • NitraSol N22 + 12.5 SO3 wt/wt
  • NitraSol UreicN18 + 15SO3 wt/wt

     Foliar Fluid Fertilisers

  • Foliar Manganese
  • Foliar Magnesium

You can download our Fertiliser Application Ready Reckoner here


Why Choose Brineflow

The Right Team

Brineflow has the right team with years of experience with on-farm and production experience and customer service with a focus on trouble-free fertilisation right up to the nozzle.


Our team has over 30 years continuous experience in Liquid Fertiliser shipping, production, sales and distribution

Long Term Partnership

We look to develop long-term partnerships based on honesty and integrity with the flexibility and innovation to meet customer requirements


Our fluid fertilisers are triple filtered for reliable in-field application:

  • Filtered On Production;
  • Filtered Into Storage;
  • Filtered into Tankers at Point of Despatch;

All products are fully premixed before despatch with detailed computerised batch recording technology to ensure traceability to each raw material.   The technical resilience of SAP integrated sales, manufacturing, production & logistics helps optimise batch control and management

Certainty and Security of Supply

Our raw materials are strategically sourced from reputable Global Supply Partners into dedicated dockside tank facilities in Great Yarmouth


Delivered to Farm or ExStore Collections, Supply to on-farm tanks or Packaged IBCs


We operate from multiple production facilities each optimised meet peak-season volumes.

Reliability and Capability

Extended hours of operation and fast lorry turnaround means more loads per day meeting more customer delivery requests.  Despatch volumes SG-calibrated to temperature


We are proud members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the trade body for responsible fertiliser manufacturers.  Our products meet and exceed FIAS Standards and key staff are FACTS qualified.




Contact Us

NitraSol is the liquid fertiliser brand of
Brineflow Properties & Handling Ltd,
South Denes Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 3QD
Sales Enquiries 01493 809828   General Enquiries 01493 809820
Email sales@nitrasol.co.uk Web www.nitrasol.co.uk