Nitrasol – Liquid Fertiliser

Making the move to the Nitrasol Liquid Fertilisers couldn’t be easier with our local support, advice and variety of customisable tank options.

Our local experts can visit and guide the right choices to allow you to make the most of the switch to cleaner, more productive and efficient clear liquid fertilisation.  

Our bespoke four stage on-farm process eases your conversion, which can include the option of us supplying and managing the complete installation of one or more on-farm tanks.

nitrasol silo
nitrasol silo

Our Tank Options

Our specialists will explore which tank option is right for you. We balance the size and extent of your farm together with cropping patterns and seasonal workloads.     

We work with you to determine whether one or more tanks are required on your farm depending on your cropping plan and decide precisely where they should be located, either together in the home farmyard or distributed across a wider estate. 

Our tanks are manufactured with obsessive attention to detail and we can manage their installation onto your pre-prepared concrete base.

silo valve

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Following a preliminary exploration of options, a specialist will visit your farm to undertake a bespoke written appraisal in accordance with AIC, FIAS and Environment Agency best practice. 

We take into account local environmental factors, the location of water courses, farmyard traffic patterns and other risks.

We finalise the most appropriate choice of tanks, location and associated bunding and anti-collision protection. 

nitrasol silo

Managing Your Tank Installation

Chosen tanks are delivered and commissioned as part of our agreement with flanged inlet/outlets chosen to match your sprayer connections.  

We accurately record the GPS position of each installation to assist replenishment deliveries in season. We then place the tank onto your pre-prepared concrete base, which we will then ask you to contain within a protective bund wall in accordance with best-practice.

We ensure each tank is securely anchored to the ground to prevent tipping over in high winds or floating within the bund after heavy rainfall.

Our Tank Options

Our Nitrasol storage tanks are meticulously engineered and crafted in the United Kingdom, incorporating state-of-the-art technology that sets an industry-leading standard for safety, security and longevity.

50,000 litre GRP Tank

Each branded 50m3 GRP tank will hold 60 tonnes or two loads and is suitable for an annual throughput of 180-200 tonnes or about 7 full loads per year. The tanks are translucent, include capacity measurement markers and integrated UV-stabilisation for long life. They feature stainless steel security valves compatible with your sprayer and contain robust anchoring straps. The squat shape and polished neutral green translucent finish makes it easy to see how full the tank is whilst minimising visual impact.

nitrasol silo

30,000 litre Poly Ethylene Tanks

Our 30m3 rotary moulded plastic tanks will hold 35 tonnes or one full load and are suitable for an annual throughput of 100 tonnes or about four full loads per year.

nitrasol container

30,000 litre GRP Tanks

A 30m3 tanks are made from robust GRP will hold 35 tonnes or one load and is suitable for an annual throughput of 100 tonnes or about four full loads per year.

If you wish to participate in the Nitrasol tank deal, you have the choice of tanks in a number of sizes. You can choose to purchase outright or rent from us without charge, subject to a minimum five year throughput tonnage commitment. An annual rental charge will apply if the agreed fertiliser tonnage is not taken.