Fertiliser production – the move to net-zero


The fertiliser industry helps farmers grow the food that sustains the world’s population.  Fertilisers are at the start of a global food chain that stretches from the factory to fork in every country, every street and for every family. Producing fertilisers is energy-intensive and farmers that use them are increasingly under the spotlight to ensure […]

Spike in energy prices

As the world emerges from the pandemic and economic activity builds, unforeseen consequences are reverberating throughout global trade.  The fertiliser industry is not immune to this market turbulence and the knock-on inflationary pressures that are affecting many commodities. Over the last ten days, energy prices have spiked upwards, especially in northwest Europe.  The effect of […]

Sunshine in every drop

Whilst Nitrasol fertilisers have sunshine in every drop, the clouds in Sunderland are dark this morning.  But that’s not stopping our specialised contractors from Balmoral Tanks from starting to build the first of 5 enormous storage tanks, which will be directly connected to the quayside for fast replenishment by ship tankers. The eight-week construction process […]

The AdvaNShield difference

The Advanshield difference in a dry spring

After one of the coldest and driest Aprils on record, with many winter crops hardly having grown since the first nitrogen application in March, our side-by-side trials of AdvaNShield fertiliser with untreated nitrogen have shown extraordinary initial results. Our Essex customer has alternated AdvaNShield nitrogen-stabilised products against regular Nitrasol on the same field to test […]

Perfectly positioned, properly protected

Our mission is to ease your conversion to the efficient and sustainable Nitrasol liquid fertiliser system. One option available is for us to provide an on-farm tank. We ask that you prepare a concrete base to receive the tank, following the latest code of practice, to properly protect the tank to prevent malicious or accidental […]

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