Nitrasol – Liquid Fertiliser

We have multi-generational experience as a family owned company in the UK agricultural supply industry with deep trading links to trusted suppliers across the globe.

We trace our history back to 1816 as a family-owned company that is proud of our traditional values and long history of innovation.  We apply generations of fertiliser experience to ensure that our liquid formulations are up-to-date and reflect changing requirements.

The children and grandchildren of our pioneering fertiliser ancestors from the 1950’s and 1960’s have reimagined the Nitrasol fertiliser system and invested in the most modern terminals our industry has seen for over thirty years to serve you nationwide. 

nitrasol team
nitrasol team

Our Commercial Team

Whether you are new to liquid fertilisers or not, our commercial teams based in Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Sunderland and The Borders work nationwide to help you profit from the Nitrasol system.

They focus on giving good advice and support including providing on farm tanks if you have none of your own.   Working together with our merchant partners, we can guarantee personal attention and competitive terms wherever you are located in Great Britain.

nitrasol staff

Our Operational Teams

Our operational terminal teams in Yarmouth & Sunderland manage the import, formulation and manufacture of the widest range of raw materials.

Our colleagues have up to forty years service working in our family firm.  Their experience and customer-focus is unrivalled in our industry.

nitrasol staff
nitrasol farmer
Staff talking

Our Advisory Team

We work together with our local merchant partners and on-farm FACTS-Qualified advisers help to maintain a standard of excellence in farm management and advice.

As regulations change, we can advise on how to keep on the right side of the rules to avoid seasonal restrictions confusion.

We are members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the trade body for responsible fertiliser manufacturers.  

Our Executive Team

Our commercial and operational teams have the experience and perspective that knows that you build a business for the long term on the back of the best customer service and being trusted to deliver.

Some of our staff have worked with us for forty years and play leading roles in our business.  Our management team has been associated with some of the biggest innovations in fertiliser since the 1960’s. From introducing floatation spreading in the 1970’s to popularising the use of big bags in the 1980’s and pioneering GPS-controlled fertiliser applications in the 1990’s.




Ian Ferris


Managing Director

Rob Buck


National Sales Manager

Stephen Frost


National Terminals Leader

Neil Thomson


Regional Sales Manager - North

Jonathan Down


Regional Sales Manager - South

Annie Buckingham


Digital & Environmental Products Leader

Sarah Twaits


Administration & Logistics Manager