Whether you are new to liquid fertilisers or not, our commercial teams based in Yarmouth and Sunderland work nationwide to help you profit from the Nitrasol system, including providing on farm tanks if you have none of your own.

Our operational terminal teams manage the import, formulation and manufacture of the widest range of triple-filtered liquid fertilisers made to FIAS quality standards.

Our on-farm FACTS-Qualified advisers help to maintain a standard of excellence in farm management and advice. We are members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the trade body for responsible fertiliser manufacturers.

We are proud that our Nitrasol products have the lowest total environmental-impact, helping your farm to be more sustainable.

Liquid Fertiliser

Ian Ferris
Managing Director

Ian has over thirty five years unrivalled fertiliser experience in both solid and liquid fertiliser markets. He has occupied senior industry positions from factory management, international sourcing and UK sales in both England and Scotland within regional, national businesses and international traders.


“My job is to ensure we maintain and grow the deep relationships we have with strategic suppliers, distributors and our customer base so that we have the resources and capability to deliver our fertilisers at the moment our customers need them.”

Liquid Fertiliser

John Fuller OBE

John has over thirty years fertiliser industry experience and chairs the Board of Directors. He is a Director of a number of farming businesses and works at a high level in local government in Norfolk and in London.

“Brineflow is a family business and my job is to ensure that we remain customer-focused for today whilst never taking our eye off our customers’ need for tomorrow.  

I ensure that Brineflow invests in agronomic excellence and environmental leadership with the best and widest range of liquid fertilisers at their disposal as and when they need it.”

Liquid Fertiliser

Rob Buck
National Sales Manager

Rob has over 13 years’ experience within the fertiliser industry and brings large company knowledge with small company attention-to-detail to help farmers to convert and exploit the benefits of our comprehensive factory-to-field liquid fertiliser system. Working with our national distribution network, Rob is FACTs-qualified and able to facilitate your switch to Nitrasol from start to finish.

“My job is to do everything to ease your conversion to liquid nitrogen and then support you to make your farm be more efficient and sustainable when you do, ensuring outstanding customer service as a priority.”

Liquid Fertiliser

Matthew Tooley
Production Director

Matthew has worked in a number of senior roles in the Agricultural Supply and Fertiliser Industry for over thirty years.  Matthew is responsible for production, quality, compliance and formulation at our Yarmouth and Sunderland terminals.

“I am proud that the terminals we have built and the systems that we have implemented have created a system that manages to put both our customers and the environment first with top quality force-filtered fertilisers that minimise emisisons.  It’s a winning combination.”

Liquid Fertiliser

Sarah Twaits
Logistics Manager

Sarah is responsible for matching customer demand to road tanker delivery to farm. She works with our selected haulage partners to coordinate stock management and production, scheduling against delivery requests and onward logistics.

“My job is to ensure that your on-farm tanks are replenished as and when you need them in the peak spring season so your crops get the fertiliser they need when it’s required”

Liquid Fertiliser

Paul Tooley
Yarmouth Terminal Manager

Paul has a spent lifetime in leading roles in the fluids and fertiliser business.   Initially based offshore in the demanding gas production environment, he has subsequently lead teams in offshore chemical production and liquid fertilisers.

“I take pride in ensuring that our promise to customers is met.  Quick loading for lorries at terminal and a production system that ensures trouble-free fertilisation right up to the nozzle ensure that crops get what they need at the optimum moment.”

Liquid Fertiliser

Stephen Frost
Sunderland Terminal Manager

Stephen is responsible for the operations in our Sunderland terminal. He has worked in highly regulated port environments and has earned a number of advanced safety and quality assurance qualifications.

“I’m looking forward to applying my experience in practical port logistics and shipping to the fertiliser industry and ensure that our new Sunderland terminal is commissioned to super-serve farmers and growers from Scotland to the Midlands.”

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