Nitrasol – Liquid Fertiliser

Our AdvaNShield liquid fertiliser range further improves Nitrogen Use Efficiency when compared to our standard range.

Farming rules are changing and many growers must go further to make their nitrogen remain available to crops for longer or to reduce losses of ammonia to the atmosphere to meet the new ‘Option 4’ regulatory requirements.

AdvaNShield uses a number of complementary technologies and raw materials to protect and inhibit the nitrogen in our fertilisers to reduce the risk of gaseous emissions and leaching.

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Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Using AdvaNShield means that farmers can meet the ‘Red Tractor’ regulatory standard that demonstrates ammonia emission reduction without harming soil bacteria, fish, or other fauna such as earthworms.  

AdvaNShield products can be used after 1st April without the need to take specific FACTS advice.

Standard Nitrasol Liquid Nitrogen fertilisers can be applied to crops year-round with the proviso that our standard unprotected/ uninhibited liquid fertilisers can only be applied after 1 April if agronomic justification is provided by FACTS-qualified farm personnel or advice specific for the crop and has been followed.

Using Urea based Fertilisers after 1 April 2024

Under so-called Option 4 requirements, from the 1 April 2024 fertiliser containing urea must only be applied where the following requirements are met:
  • In England, unprotected/uninhibited solid fertiliser containing urea can only be applied between 15 January and 31 March.
  • Protected/inhibited fertilisers containing solid urea can be applied within any product use-by/best before dates.
  • In England, unprotected/uninhibited liquid fertiliser containing urea can be applied between 15 January and 31 March.
  • In England, unprotected/uninhibited liquid fertiliser containing urea can be applied between 1 April and last application in autumn only if agronomic justification is provided by FACTS-qualified farm personnel or advice specific for the crop has been provided by a FACTS – Qualified Adviser and been followed
  • Protected/inhibited fertilisers containing liquid urea can be applied with the prescribed rate of protector/inhibitor for the application, and within any product use by/best before dates.
  • In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, fertiliser containing urea (solid and liquid) can be applied as per relevant legislation.
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Commercial Flexibility with Lower Costs

We help farmers keep flexible, reduce risk and able to use unprotected products during February and March in an early spring but compliant for April applications if cold weather delays spring field operations. 

Protecting nitrogen from ammonia volatilization does come with an additional cost. But we minimize that by allowing farmers who have purchased unprotected products the opportunity to upgrade standard grades to AdvaNShield technology to meet regulatory requirements at the point of dispatch if they plan to apply the product after 1st April.

Our approach reduces the need to purchase inhibited products on a precautionary basis. AdvaNShield fertilisers are stable and can be held in storage between seasons without degradation or reductions in effectiveness.

Any of our liquid fertilisers can be enhanced with AdvaNShield technology but we offer a number of protected and inhibited grades in the list below.

  • AdvaNShield 30 N wt/wt 1.300 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 28N wt/wt 1.265 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 30N 6SO3 wt/wt 1.310 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 30N 10SO3 wt/wt 1.320 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 27N 5SO3 wt/wt 1.290 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 24N 8SO3 wt/wt 1.270 specific gravity at 20°C
  • AdvaNShield 22N 12SO3 wt/wt 1.260 specific gravity at 20°C
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Better Agronomy, Higher Yields

AdvaNShield offers significant agronomic and environmental advantages by making nitrogen available in the soil for extended period helping crops absorb more nitrogen over time.

AdvaNShield leaves no soil residue and is fully compatible with all sulphur grades. Nitrogen Use Efficiency is further enhanced to improve sustainability with a combination of polymer-based urease and nitrification inhibitors. 

Field-scale experiments indicate that for certain crops and soil types, a single nitrogen application is sufficient. This simplifies energy-intensive field operations and eases spring workloads, especially when weather conditions are challenging.

Replicated trials showed that yield increases of 4pc were achieved in some seasons on AdvaNShield fertilised crops.

The active ingredient in AdvaNShield reduces nitrogen losses by maintaining higher levels of the nutrient in the ammonium form in the soil, which growing crops can use more efficiently. 

AdvaNShield uses the well-established Verdesian’s NutriSphere-NL inhibitor a patented technology which uses a long-chain organic water-soluble compound made up of maleic acid and itaconic acid. 

When the two acids are combined, they reduce the availability of nickel, copper and iron to retard the bacterial conversion of ureic, ammonium and nitrate ions into forms of nitrogen that can leach, volatilise and be lost to the crop.  This includes gaseous ammonia which is lost to the atmosphere.

Joe Greenfield - Arable Farm Manager
University Of Nottingham Farms

“I’ve been very impressed by both the quality of service and the products themselves. I’m very happy with my decision to use Brineflow liquid products to complement solid and organic fertilisers on this farm. I can now cover all bases in terms of logistics, product choice and risk management. Well done to Rob, Sarah and the team.”

If you want to learn more about our Protected Nitrogen and Ammonia Inhibited fertilisers and the way in which they can boost yields, improve your nitrogen use efficiency and keep on the right side of regulatory changes, please contact one of our FACTS-qualified advisors.