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Nitrasol’s AdvaNShield Nitrogen Fertiliser Range & its Compliance With Option 4

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In the constantly evolving landscape of agriculture and environmental regulation, the implementation of Option 4 after 1 April 2024 marks a significant milestone. This initiative, requiring the use of urea-based nitrogen fertilisers, stems from the government’s consultation on reducing ammonia emissions from solid urea fertilisers, which closed in January 2021. The decision to move forward with Option 4 reflects a careful balance between environmental responsibility and the operational realities of farming.

Ammonia emissions from agricultural practices have been a longstanding environmental concern, contributing to air pollution and ecosystem imbalances. Recognising this, the government, alongside farming and environmental bodies, has sought ways to mitigate these emissions without unduly burdening the agricultural sector. The consultation process culminated in a robust discussion between the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and industry stakeholders, with a clear message: the agricultural industry must play its part in reducing emissions while safeguarding its competitiveness and avoiding the offshoring of production.

The pivotal moment came when the NFU (National Farmers’ Union) and other industry partners successfully advocated for a delay in the implementation of Option 4, citing the then-current fertiliser market conditions. This delay was not just a stalling tactic but a strategic pause, allowing for a re-evaluation of market conditions and the readiness of the sector to adopt these changes without severe economic repercussions.

Red Tractor Standard

The revised timeline for the enforcement under the Red Tractor Standard, commencing on 1 April 2024, specifies that the use of inhibited urea-based nitrogen fertiliser will be mandated outside of the open window for uninhibited products from 15 January to 31 March. This nuanced approach underscores the industry’s commitment to reducing ammonia emissions while recognising the practical aspects of farming operations and fertiliser use.

The Red Tractor Assurance scheme plays a crucial role in this transition. Farms found not compliant with Option 4 will be required to complete a BASIS module focused on reducing ammonia emissions. This educational initiative ensures that farmers are not only compliant but are also equipped with the knowledge to effectively reduce emissions from both manufactured and organic fertilisers.

How We’re Responding

Nitrasol’s AdvaNShield Range positions the company ahead of the curve in the liquid nitrogen fertiliser industry in light of DEFRA’s Option 4 standard coming into effect on 1st April 2024. AdvaNShield, launched by Nitrasol in 2020 is the only inhibitor in the UK that is added at the point of production. By adding prior to arriving on farm, the hassle is removed for the operator in a busy working spring. Powered by Nutrisphere technology, a duel inhibitor that can sit in the tank for up to 16 months, AdvaNShield ensures farmers are adhering to the legislation whilst increasing NUE and grain yield. In keeping with Nitrasol’s values, the co-polymer technology is also non detrimental to soil health.

For liquid nitrogen fertiliser already on the farm, Nitrasol added a second product to the range this year, ‘AdvaNShield NBPT’.  This innovative product stands out for its environmental and user-friendly approach to enhancing fertiliser efficiency. Unlike traditional solvent-based NBPT products, AdvaNShield is water based, making it a greener choice. Its design specifically addresses the need for nitrogen to remain accessible to crops for extended periods, significantly reducing ammonia emissions in line with upcoming regulations. Furthermore, AdvaNShield’s water-based, solvent-free formula ensures safety and ease of use, boasting a 25% NBPT concentration that effectively reduces nitrogen loss by more than 50%. Available in 10l canisters for practical application. 

Both AdvaNShield and AdvaNShield NBPT caters to the modern farmer’s demands for efficiency, environmental responsibility, and compliance with regulatory standards, demonstrating Nitrasol’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.


In conclusion, the path to implementing Option 4 has been marked by careful negotiation, strategic delays, and a commitment to finding a workable solution that addresses environmental concerns without undermining the agricultural sector’s viability. As farmers and the wider industry prepare for the changes coming in April 2024, the spirit of collaboration and adaptation that has defined this process will be key to its success. The implementation of Option 4 is not just about compliance with environmental standards; it is a step towards a more sustainable, competitive, and environmentally responsible agricultural sector.

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