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Nitrasol’s Transformation: Revolutionising British Fertiliser Supply with Innovation and Sustainability

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From Regional Supplier to Nationwide Leader

Nitrasol has a fresh new look that captures the evolution of our business from a regional supplier to one that covers the whole of Great Britain.  

We are proud to leverage our strategic relationships with global suppliers located in the world’s lowest cost fertiliser production areas to provide the capacity and capability that gives security of supply for nitrogen fertiliser in our nation.  

HELMS Partnership: A Year of Dramatic Benefits

Our partnership with HELM, one of the world’s largest suppliers of liquid fertilisers, is now a year old and is seeing dramatic benefits with regular shipments of some of the largest fertiliser cargoes ever imported to Britain received at our new terminal in Sunderland. Nitrasol is picking up the slack caused by the closure of other UK factories so that British farmers can access fertilisers which are the lifeblood of the entire food chain.

Our sales team has been strengthened and now enjoys complete coverage from Grampian in Scotland to the South Coast of England helping farmers to enjoy the benefits of the Nitrasol liquid fertiliser system.

Farming rules are changing with a greater focus on purer water & cleaner air so the substantial investments in the fertiliser infrastructure our Country needs have never been more important as the Ukrainian war drags on into a third year.

Green Infrastructure: Sustainable Terminals and Operations

Our modern terminals are located in East Coast ports close to international supply lines. They meet and exceed the toughest environmental standards by design. Our engineered systems have reduced the energy needed to get our fertilisers from factory to field using techniques like gravity feed, rainwater recovery and volumetric loading.

Streamlined techniques and optimised logistics from fully enclosed tanks mean that our fertilisers can demonstrate about a fifth lower total emission of carbon and ammonia from factory to field than the most commonly used alternatives used in the UK. No open lagoons. No single-use plastic. No double-handling or spillage. The first time our fertilisers meet the atmosphere is when they emerge from the sprayer nozzle.

In the last six months we have stepped-up our innovation still further using the widest number of raw materials to produce the most concentrated professional-grade liquid nitrogen fertilisers available today. Many of these formulations include sulphur and dramatically improve on-farm logistics and productivity.

For the 2024 season we have reformulated our AdvaNShield range of protected nitrogen and ammonia-inhibited fertilisers to meet the new ‘Option 4’ rules that take effect on 1st April.  We are providing all our customers the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ to AdvaNShield grades at the point of delivery for applications after 1st April where specific FACTS-advice means unprotected fertiliser cannot be used.  

Embracing Growth and Environmental Awareness: Nitrasol’s Vision

Our business is growing. We are responding to the need for farmers and fertiliser companies to demonstrate greater environmental awareness. And, we are adapting to changing markets by investing in the terminal infrastructure that reflects a more complicated global supply situation with partnerships with the strongest suppliers to maintain security of supply at the lowest possible landed cost. 

Taken together all these changes places Nitrasol at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in our industry. If you would like to join us on our journey, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our local FACTS-qualified advisors to be in touch.

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