Nitrasol is the fertiliser brand of Brineflow, a family owned business that are proud of their traditional values and long history of innovation. We trace our history back to 1816 as part of the former Bunn fertiliser business.

Our management team has been associated with some of the biggest innovations in fertiliser since the 1960’s. From introducing floatation spreading in the 1970’s to popularising the use of big bags in the 1980’s and pioneering GPS-controlled fertiliser applications in the 1990’s.



Until the 1950’s our family ancestors confined our business to East Anglia, trading grains and feedstuffs between to the local agricultural market in the grain basket of Great Britain and the trading hub in Mark Lane in the City of London.

Nitrasol History - Old Bunn Lorry c1936


Our family members began to blend solid fertilisers on our own farm near Great Yarmouth using imported raw materials from Holland to complement domestically sourced materials. Our families have been a consistent leader in innovation. Most principle developments in fertiliser blending have been innovated or popularised by our know-how.

Nitrasol History - Ship Discharge Bunns Lane Great Yarmouth


In the 1970’s we branched out into Scotland purchasing a controlling stake in Reids of Montrose. Back in East Anglia, we pioneered the bulk delivery and spreading of fertilisers with ‘BigA’ floatation spreaders imported from Kansas.

Nitrasol History - BigA Fertiliser Spreader 1973


In the 1980’s we replaced the back breaking task of handling 50kg bags with introduction of mechanically-lifted ‘big bags’.


We developed our own GPS-driven Variable Rate Technology equipment using satellite imagery. In 1996, our Bunn Business was awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant from HM The Queen for supplying fertiliser to Sandringham Estate.


Our shareholders sold the Bunn business in 2011 and established Brineflow, a business to focus on the production of liquid fertilisers and offshore chemicals for gas exploration in the southern North Sea.


Now, the children and grandchildren of our trading fertiliser pioneers from the 50’s and 60’s have reinvested in the most modern terminals in the industry and are turning the page on a new story.

Nitrasol represents the continuation of a new innovations in fertiliser for a new generation of farmers grounded in deep trading relationships at home and overseas global supply partners abroad.

Nitrasol Liquid Fertiliser Terminal Great Yarmouth