The AdvaNShield difference

Liquid Fertiliser

After one of the coldest and driest Aprils on record, with many winter crops hardly having grown since the first nitrogen application in March, our side-by-side trials of AdvaNShield fertiliser with untreated nitrogen have shown extraordinary initial results.

Our Essex customer has alternated AdvaNShield nitrogen-stabilised products against regular Nitrasol on the same field to test the efficacy of AdvaNShield in real world conditions. AdvaNShield has four modes of action and does not damage delicate soil bacteria and organisms to keep nitrogen protected and available for longer.The efficacy can be seen in this cold, dry season is shown to be immediate and dramatic with treated stands obviously showing greater crop mass and tillering.

We will continue to monitor growth throughout the season but the prospect of single nitrogen applications in some situations and crops is a realistic outcome on these heavy high yielding clay soils

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