Sunderland Terminal inaugurated with arrival of first ship

Liquid Fertiliser

A MULTI-MILLION pound fertiliser distribution and storage hub, helping ease the UK’s fertiliser crisis, has officially opened its doors with the arrival of the first shipload.

Brineflow Limited, a leading manufacturer of Nitrasol brand liquid nitrogen fertilisers for the agricultural sectors, has opened a new storage and distribution hub at Port of Sunderland as part of its bid to help UK farmers embrace net-zero and be more competitive in global markets.

The terminal – which has been constructed to the most demanding environmental standards – will see Brineflow distribute liquid fertilisers for farmers between the Humber and Forth, creating a number of jobs and breathing new commercial life into disused land at Youngs Quay in the port.

An important infrastructure investment in the UK food supply chain

The terminal represents an important infrastructure investment in the UK food supply chain and enables farmers and growers to access global markets more effectively at a time of domestic fertiliser production uncertainty.

John Fuller OBE, Chairman of Brineflow, said: “The opening of our new North East hub at such a critical mid-point on the east coast will see Brineflow become a truly national company and will help us further increase our share of the UK’s ever-growing liquid fertiliser market.

“Over recent years, the market for liquid nitrogen fertilisers has been increasing rapidly as farmers the world-over race to become net-zero, leading to a surge in demand for our products from companies across the UK. Liquid fertilisers are more efficient, accurate and safer to store compared with other alternatives.

“Starting with a clean sheet of paper, we have redefined what a fertiliser terminal should be like. By streamlining and optimising every step, and by using sealed vessels and dedicated pipelines, we have have achieved complete environmental and atmospheric containment. We have engineered-away redundant steps like double handling and eliminated the use of single-use plastics.”

Cleaner, Greener & Safer fertiliser

Taken together, a large number of marginal gains means that, considering the whole journey our Nitrasol products take from factory to field, total emissions of carbon and ammonia reduce by about a fifth and the number of steps which risk spillage, dilution or contamination are cut by half.

In fact, the first time our fertilisers see the atmosphere will be when they emerge from the farmer’s spray nozzle in the field.

“With fewer steps, lower emission and zero waste, our new terminal will allow farmers to reduce their Total Environmental Impact by round a fifth compared to traditionally used fertilisers. Our unique engineered approach from Factory to Field help farmers farm more sustainably achieving their net zero targets being cleaner, greener and safer.

We place a heavy focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as the Net Zero and – as a result – have made a commitment to use local North East suppliers throughout the planning, design and construction phases of the hub.

“We made a commitment right at the beginning to ensure that every pound we spent on the development of the new hub was a pound that went right back into the local economy. This means using local architects and civil engineers, right the way through to procuring local contractors for the construction and fit-out.

The effect is that our Sunderland operation is at the heart of a global supply chain for liquid nitrogen fertilisers – this is a trend we will continue, supporting local logistics companies and creating jobs for local people.”

Local Government Endorsement

Cllr Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, and chair of Port of Sunderland, oversaw the cutting of the ribbon on Friday 15th October and praised the impact the investment will have on the city.

Speaking at the event, he said: “As a city, we made a commitment last year to become carbon neutral by 2040 and we’re absolutely thrilled to see Brineflow – a company which shares our passion for tackling climate change – investing in the Port of Sunderland.

“We’re delighted to have supported Brineflow and look forward to working with them long into the future.”

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