Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers

Quickly absorbed by the plant, Nitrasol straight liquid nitrogen fertilisers have the optimum balance of nitrogen from nitrate, ammonium & ureic sources.

It allows crops to get a head start in cooler conditions with the staying power to sustain growth throughout the spring. 

Typical Fertiliser Grades

Nitrasol UAN Solution 30 N wt/wt 1.305 specific gravity at 20°C  [39.2N wt/vol]
Nitrasol UAN Solution 28N wt/wt 1.284 specific gravity at 20°C [36 N wt/vol]

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We sell our fertilisers in bulk and despatch on weighbridge weights calibrated in tonnes. As such our formulations are expressed as nutrient percentage on a weight/weight basis. To convert from weight/weight to volumetric used in sprayer application, multiply by the specific gravity. This means our Nitrasol UAN Solution 30N wt/wt product will contain 300kgs nitrogen per metric tonne or 1000 kgs. Multiplying by the specific gravity for the product, which is 1.305, this is equivalent to 392 kgs nitrogen and 65 kgs SO3 per 1000 litres or ‘cube’

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