Nitrasol’s Gt Yarmouth Terminal features on Sky News

Liquid Fertiliser

Brineflow’s Great Yarmouth Nitrasol Terminal was featured in a Sky News story on the effect of the Russian-Ukraine war on gas supplies and energy security on 1st March 2022.

For the last thirty years Britain has become increasingly reliant on Russian gas to produce its fertilisers. Factories in western Europe have closed. And now Europe is literally fed by Putin’s Gas used in fertiliser factories spread across the Eastern Block which feed our agriculture with ship-based imports.

Nobody foresaw this war but it’s been obvious for years that we need to have access to other sources of fertiliser outside the European orbit to provide food security for our nation.

That’s why Brineflow is building one of Europe’s largest dedicated liquid fertiliser import terminals in Sunderland to supply Nitrasol fertilisers directly from the UK.

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