Our Tank Options

All our tanks are purpose built in the UK, offering class leading technology to help you keep your liquid fertiliser product clean, safe and secure.

Manufactured with obsessive attention to detail, each tank is installed and securely anchored to the ground to prevent tipping over in high winds or floating within the bund after heavy rainfall. The squat shape and polished neutral green translucent finish makes it easy to see how full the tank is whilst minimising visual impact.

Stainless steel security valves can be locked to ensure the integrity of the contents and to minimise risk of spillage and environmental leakage. An empty tank must be secured against high winds and from floating if the containment bund fills with rainwater above a critical height.

Our 50m3 Tanks

Each branded 50m3 GRP tank will hold 60 tonnes or two loads and is suitable for an annual throughput of 180-200 tonnes or 7 full loads per year. 

The tanks are translucent, include capacity measurement and integrated UV-stabilisation for long life. They feature stainless steel security valves compatible with your sprayer and contain robust anchoring straps.

Our 30m3 Tanks

We have a choice of 30m3 tanks based on robust GRP or rotary moulded plastic.  Each will hold 35 tonnes or one load and is suitable for an annual throughput of 100 tonnes or four full loads per year.

Both choices are translucent to aid capacity measurement. Whilst smaller in size, many farmers prefer the flexibility of 30m3 tanks as it allows different fertiliser grades to be stored on the farm. They can also distribute storage capacity across a larger area to reduce travelling for sprayer replenishment.

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