With concerns over air quality and leaching, AdvaNShield’s range provides protected nitrogen which can be combined with our agronomically optimised sulphur grades to meet emerging regulatory requirements and end-customer demands.

AdvaNShield makes your investment in nitrogen work harder. It provides a cost effective and patented water soluble polymer nitrogen stabilisation technology working with the soil to naturally help crops absorb the nitrogen they need for longer.

How AdvaNShield Works

AdvaNShield works by chemically protecting three soil-based elements (nickel, copper and iron) to retard the bacterial conversion of ureic, ammonium and nitrate ions into forms of nitrogen that can leach, volatilise and be lost to the crop. It does not harm soil bacteria, earthworms, fish or fauna or leave a soil residue.

The Benefits

Field-scale experiments have shown that for some crops on some soil types a single application of nitrogen is possible easing spring workloads permitting high work rates in tight weather windows.

Replicated trials in three European countries including the UK tested AdvaNShield over three seasons and demonstrated the following benefits: 

Higher yields – 4% increase in crop yield.
Less pollution – 24% reduction in leaching.
Cleaner air – 54% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions.
More efficient – 4.5% improvement in nitrogen use efficiency.

Typical Fertiliser Grades

AdvaNShield Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertiliser Range

AdvaNShield 30 N wt/wt 1.305 specific gravity at 20°C
AdvaNShield 28N wt/wt 1.274 specific gravity at 20°C

AdvaNShield Nitrogen and Sulphur Liquid Fertiliser Range

AdvaNShield 30N 6SO3 wt/wt 1.326 specific gravity at 20°C
AdvaNShield 30N 10SO3 wt/wt 1.330 specific gravity at 20°C
AdvaNShield 27N 5SO3 wt/wt 1.281 specific gravity at 20°C
AdvaNShield 24N 8SO3 wt/wt 1.256 specific gravity at 20°C
AdvaNShield 22N 12SO3 wt/wt 1.255 specific gravity at 20°C

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