Why Choose Nitrasol?

The Right Team

Established 2011 out of former fertiliser giant Bunn by the original owning families, the Brineflow team brings over a century of fertiliser experience and know-how.   

We have the right team with years of on-farm & production expertise with friendly customer service and a focus on trouble-free fertilisation right up to the nozzle.

Reliability and Capability

Brineflow has huge stock holdings of the popular fertiliser grades and extended hours of operation and fast lorry turnaround means more loads per day can execute more customer delivery requests, most within 48 hours.

Delivery Flexibility

We have a full range of shipping options and can accomodate Delivered to Farm or Ex-Store Collections, Supply in bulk to on-farm tanks or palletised distribution of IBCs.

Triple Filtered Quality

Our fluid fertilisers are triple filtered to ensure snag-free application all the way to the nozzle :

  • Filtered On Production;
  • Filtered Into Storage;
  • Filtered into Tankers at Point of Despatch;

We operate from multiple production facilities each optimised meet peak-season volumes.

Certainty and Security of Supply

Our raw materials are strategically sourced from reputable Global Supply Partners into dedicated dockside tank facilities in Great Yarmouth

A New Shipment of UAN arrives in Great Yarmouth

Compliance & Traceabilty

We are proud members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the trade body for responsible fertiliser manufacturers.  Our products meet and exceed FIAS Standards and key staff are FACTS qualified.

All products are fully premixed before despatch.   The technical resilience of SAP integrated sales, manufacturing, production & logistics systems help optimise batch control to ensure traceability from each raw material.