Nitrasol Magnesium 9% MgO

Nitrasol Magnesium 9% MgO wt/vol is formulated as a readily soluble foliar Magnesium fertiliser for the rapid correction of Magnesium deficiency in growing plants.

Nitrasol Magnesium 9%MgO 18%S03 [7.2% S] wt/vol is a foliar fertiliser for the correction of Magnesium deficiency based upon Magnesium Sulphate delivered in non returnable 1000 litre IBCs

Directions for Use

Apply as recommended diluted in 200-400 litres of water depending on conditions.
• Fill tank with half the required amount of water.
• Start the Agitator.
• Carefully add the required amount of Nitrasol 9% MgO into the spray tank.
• Top-off with balance of the required water and continue agitation whilst spraying.
• Use non-ionic wetting agent.

Safety Data

Contains Magenium Sulphate [EC No 231-298-2 CAS 7487-88-9]
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