Protecting Every Drop
Helping Crops Absorb The Nitrogen They Need For Longer
Protecting Every Drop

The AdvaNShield Fertiliser Range

Make your investment in nitrogen work harder with our new range of nitrogen-stabilised liquid fertilisers that more effectively convert nutrients into crop yield. This is achieved by significantly reducing leaching and losses of ammonia to the atmosphere.

AdvaNShield is a cost effective and patented water soluble polymer nitrogen stabilisation technology that is compatible with all Nitrasol premium liquid fertilisers. AdvaNShield helps crops absorb the nitrogen they need for longer.

AdvaNShied is incorporated into the liquid fertilisers during manufacture and has a dual action that makes your investment in nitrogen work harder.

It makes nitrogen fertiliser available in the soil for longer
It reduces ammonia volatilisation and losses to the air
It reduces leaching and pollution losses to ground water
It is fully compatible with liquid nitrogen sulphur grades

How It Works

AdvaNShield relies on a new patented approach with a water-soluble polymer compound that works by chemically protecting three soil-based elements [Nickel, Copper & Iron] to retard the bacterial conversion of ureaic, ammonium and nitrate ions into forms of nitrogen that can leach or volatilise and be lost to the crop. It does not harm soil bacteria, earthworms, fish or fauna or leave a soil residue.

Helping Crops Absorb The Nitrogen They Need For Longer

Real Life Results and Outcomes

Replicated trials using AdvaNShield from three European Countries including the UK over three seasons demonstrate these benefits

Higher Yields

4% increase in crop yield

Less Pollution

24% reduction in leaching

Cleaner Air

54% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions

More Efficient

4.5% improvement in nitrogen use efficiency

AdvaNShield Standard Product Range

Compatible with all Nitrasol Nitrogen & Nitrogen Sulphur liquid grades, AdvaNShield is supplied as a finished product into your tanks with a long shelf life, taking the hassle out of adding at the point of application.

AdvaNShield Nitrogen Liquid Fertiliser Range

AdvaNShield N30%
AdvaNShield N28%

AdvaNShield Nitrogen and Sulphur Liquid Fertiliser Range

AdvaNShield N30% + 10% So3
AdvaNShield N27% + 5% So3
AdvaNShield N25% + 7% So3
AdvaNShield N24% + 8% So3
AdvaNShield N22% + 12% So3

AdvaNShield Technical Resources