Househam Sprayers have been building bespoke machines for over 50 years. Now producing 4 machines; Harrier, Air-Ride, Predator and Spirit we are a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of crop sprayers, actively working to bring our British-built, high quality machines to customers around the world.

Upgrading all machines to stage 5 engines, complying with EU emissions, Househam’s self-propelled sprayers are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal soil compaction.

Features include:

  • Low weight structure with optimal weight distribution that delivers a lower centre of gravity for outstanding stability when spraying. Developed by Househam for maximum efficiency and operator comfort.
  • The boom system that combines versatility, technology and stability featuring recirculating booms  and fast acting air shutoff valves at the nozzle as standard, with options that include Hydraulic incline, Auto Nozzle Select (ANS) for constant and accurate application, throughout the speed range.
  • Boom Height Control that utilises ultra-sonic sensors for efficient following of contours in a variety of conditions. Spray Pilot, a hydraulically controlled system for hands free steering for ultimate accuracy and efficiency.
  • Househam Innovation puts you in complete control with Total Machine Control (TMC) which integrates many functions into one simple to use touch screen console and is also the platform for Househam’s NavGuide GPS system– integrated exclusively for Househam sprayers for exceptional field mapping accuracy, auto-section control and light-bar guidance.

The very best of British design, engineering and build quality is represented in each Househam Sprayer. Our designers and engineers are at the forefront of development in the agricultural sprayers industry. We work in close collaboration with customers and partners across international markets as well as in the UK. Constantly developing our machines we ensure that we are at the forefront of sprayer design and technology, continuing to deliver highly innovative, effective and cost-efficient products for all our customers worldwide.