We want to do our bit to help the Country get back on its feet so we’ve worked with DWP to create a new KickStarter role to give someone the chance to create a bright new future for themselves working in manufacturing industry.

About Us

Brineflow is a family owned business that imports, processes and distributes liquid fertilisers to farmers across Southern and Eastern England under the Nitrasol branding.

The business has been established for ten years and has just completed a new modern £5m production terminal in Great Yarmouth. The company is currently constructing a new terminal in the North of England to turn the company from a regional operator to a national concern.

About You

Our Kickstarter role would suit candidates, perhaps college or university graduates seeking a first position, who want to gain deep & relevant experience in the manufacturing industry to enable them to build a rewarding career path.   

The successful candidate will gain a complete commercial and business experience and with a CV that will demonstrate practical and current exposure to the widest possible variety of commercial & trading scenarios and will develop confidence communicating with customers, suppliers and other industry partners.

We’re hoping to help candidates who can demonstrate a good appreciation of attention to detail because the company works in a regulated environment.  Good numeracy skills will be required to ensure that stock, production and despatch quantities can be recorded accurately.

The Managing Director will be personally accountable and involved with ensuring that the work placement will be effective and relevant. All existing employees will participate in the program and collectively we will communicate clear expectations about timeliness, reliability, and appropriate appearance.   

The successful candidate will have a direct relationship with the senior Directors of the business and we will seek to flex the opportunity to take advantage of any particular interests or specialisms that the successful candidate wishes to pursue subject to being consistent with the business aims.

We can pay more to candidates who can demonstrate a proven appreciation of attention to detail, and understanding of our requirements, flexibility and a willingness to travel and a desire to work in a dynamic commercial business.

Now learn more about the Our Logistics & Production Kickstarter Role

Nominally this placement provides a hands-on opportunity to work with our experienced logistics and planning coordinator in Great Yarmouth to help us match existing sales orders to available road tankers and to ensure that production matches haulage availability and customer requirements.

In practice, we’ve designed a complete training programme that will allow a capable candidate to be exposed to the detailed workings of all aspects of a dynamic commercial company involved in international importation, manufacture, distribution and sales of business-to-business products.  The successful candidate will gain a complete practical understanding of key commercial workflows & concepts from purchase, production, sales and finance in a highly regulated environment.   You’ll be at the heart of the action.

Full training on industry-standard SAP software will be used as the basis for helping the candidate understand key commercial sales & purchase concepts and workflows including key understanding of the import, stock issue & receipt, production, batch control, bills of materials, despatch and stock control & reconciliation.   SAP is the world’s most widely used commercial ERP software suite and familiarity with the package and the discipline of the underlying commercial processes is a valued skill in the manufacturing & distribution sectors.

A good telephone manner, good numeracy skills and basic IT competence including familiarity with ‘Office’ software like Word or Excel will be required because the role will require clear and confident communications working alongside a small team to coordinate customer enquiries, internal factory scheduling & planning with additional coordination with suppliers including haulage & distribution.

The candidate will be furnished with all necessary equipment including computer with industry-standard packages, phone as well as any safety and protective equipment. Where travel is required, all expenses will be provided.   A driving licence would be an advantage.

The business is highly seasonal and sometimes subject to the weather. Outside our peak spring production season, a full one-to-one general commercial training programme will include visits to end-customers or suppliers with our field sales staff, accounts & admin and accompanied visits elsewhere in the UK, especially to Sunderland for which overnight stays may be required.

The Training Program

We have developed a bespoke training program and specific examples of likely practical outcomes, working alongside our team leaders and specialists would be…

Logistics & Planning: . This is office based desk work in Great Yarmouth, normally 0900-1700 working alongside our production and logistics specialist and involves allocating pre-existing customer orders into ‘fixed’ loads, liaising with a panel of hauliers and co-ordinating just-in-time production. There will be further liaison with customers to ensure ‘fixed’ loads can be delivered. Production and distribution sheets are used to co-ordinate incoming loads with the production schedules.

Production & Scheduling: from customer call offs, consolidation of orders into production runs, batch creation and administration, stock control and storage prior to despatch. Production work is based on the shop-floor, some of it outside and involves hours between 0600-1600 depending on customer pull, most likely Monday to Friday.

Appropriate training and PPE will be provided. No heavy lifting or manual labour will be required but some of the work will be undertaken outside. Appropriate forklift training will be provided by authorised instructors and certificates provided.

Despatch & Loading: Working in our despatch office, receiving inbound vehicles, checking & producing paperwork, identifying the required products and co-ordinating loading including weighbridge and batch identification.   When we receive ships at our dockside berth, the candidate will be exposed to the practicalities of global shipping processes.   Opportunities will be provided to accompany our products to the point of delivery to better understand customer requirements.

Finance & Administration: Working alongside our finance director in the office to follow the flow of funds from purchases to sales including invoicing, payment receipt and concepts like account reconciliation and debtor collection.

Shipping: Working alongside our Managing Director to understand the key concepts of import shipping including the chartering of vessels, customs, bill of lading, surveying and practical discharge of goods into storage including surveying. This is office based, however when a ship is received, the precise timings will depend on tides and weather and might involve out of hours attendance under supervision on the quayside, including exceptionally at weekends.

Sales: This would involve working alongside our sales manager or managing director to visit customers to assess their needs and to match crop requirements to the most appropriate products having regard to regulatory and agronomic requirements. This activity could take place throughout Eastern England but based in Great Yarmouth and would be accompanied but may require travelling by car or public transport to convenient meeting places, for example Ipswich, Cambridge or Peterborough.

Production & Commissioning: The company is currently constructing a new factory in Sunderland. There will be opportunities to travel with Great Yarmouth-based colleagues to the North East to be involved with the project management and commissioning of the new facility. Key skills will be absorbed from subcontracting colleagues involved with pumps, electrical installation & electronics. In this case, travelling expenses and any accommodation away from home [if required] will be paid.

Environmental Compliance: Accompanying our technical specialists in assessing the siting and appropriate location for on-farm tanks having regard to environmental and regulatory constraints.

Flexibility will required from the candidate and hours will be variable depending on which part of the business the candidate will be participating in.

It is entirely possible that a permanent position could be made available at the end of the six months placement but if this is not possible we will ensure that the person is well placed to gain an alternative position on account of

  • Being trained in industry-standard procedures for purchasing, production, quality control, sales & distribution, and exposure to the discipline of SAP software
  • Experience in confident customer and supplier communications either on the telephone, by email or accompanied visits with our own specialists
  • Shop-floor production & logistics experience including being part of a team of people working in a number of different disciplines. with real-life commercial exposure to current IT systems including word, excel and online packages
  • Interview practice and CV building alongside positive references and referrals if appropriate.

Your JCP Job Coach will help you to take advantage of this role.  To apply, please send a CV together with covering letter to recruitment@brineflow.co.uk.   Applications close 16th April 2021.