Piling for the new tank foundations at Youngs Quay is underway

5th December 2020

Brineflow is investing millions in a new purpose-built terminal at Port of Sunderland.   The terminal will see Brineflow import and store liquid fertiliser for the agricultural industry in the region and Borders, breathing new commercial life into disused land at Young’s Quay on the port’s Hudson Dock.

Brineflow is aiming to have the hub fully operational by July 2021 and expects it to play a key role in helping the company continue expanding its market share of the UK fertiliser industry.

John Fuller, chairman of Brineflow, said: “The market for liquid fertilisers is growing rapidly as it allows farmers to control applications more precisely and with less equipment.

“This new terminal will help farmers from the Humber to the Borders be more productive as well as more environmentally friendly and we are looking forward to working with the team at Port of Sunderland as we look to the future.   Nitrasol products will be available nationwide in all the principle arable crop growing areas.

We identified Port of Sunderland as a potential site due to its strategic location on the East Coast with proximity to suppliers in the Baltic States and for larger cargoes trans-shipped in Rotterdam and other European ports.   Another key influencer was the ongoing expansion of the port.  Since being awarded Enterprise Zone (EZ) status in 2017, the port has invested millions in critical infrastructure works, road improvements and ensuring the site is investor-ready.

“The proximity of the port to the main road network and the completion of the Northern Spire bridge also played a key role in our decision to move to the city.

Gateshead-based civil engineering and construction specialist G&B has been appointed to lead the project and is working with the firm to ensure as many local contractors are involved in the development as possible, including DTA Consulting Engineers, based at the North East Business & Innovation Centre (BIC).

Port of Sunderland director, Matthew Hunt, added: “We are delighted to see Brineflow finally break ground on the Young’s Quay site and it’s great that they’re so committed to boosting the local economy by not only creating jobs at the terminal, but working with local companies throughout its supply chain on the development of the hub.